About Us

"My view of how assets in companies should be managed is vastly different from others as I have worked on both sides of the problem. I’ve owned the managed service part and have spent 15 years in the asset part. I want to merge the two for a total lifecycle solution."

– Larry Kaplan, CEO

At R2Go Soluions, we plan, deploy and maintain your products and services all at a value that is easy to manage.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is helping small to mid-size businesses implement the right strategies to increase overall profitability and efficiency of their infrastructure's ecosystem by not only providing an alternative to an "in-house" IT team, but also implementing a new, innovative approach to a common problem. An approach that is not only specific to each individual company's technology needs and goals, but also pivitol to their overall IT systems operations.

Our Approach

Through years of collaboration, applying decades of combined experience from both sides of the problem, we have come up with a new, innovative approach to the information age-old dilemna: How to best manage a company's ecosystem in its entirety with one total solution.

We believe that through the right approach, our approach, IT infrastructure management as we know it, can be significantly improved by a simple solution to a complex problem - by combining both Managed IT Services with Asset Management Services for one total solution. An approach that is not only efficient and secure, but one that also maximizes assets to their greatest capacity for total lifespan utilization, resulting in an entire infrastructure ecosystem that is secure, reliable and profitable.

How We Are Different

Not only do we understand the importance of implementing the right managed services for both productivity and profitability, we understand how crucial the overall performance of your hardware is to your everyday business. We also know that many companies don't have the time, the expertise, or lack the necessary resources to properly manage their IT systems, and even less time to focus on their IT assets or take a value-centric approach to maximize the lifespan of their crucial and costly investment.

Total Ecosystem Solution

Our Total Ecosystem Solutions Model is simple, yet very effective. In just 5 simple steps, our dedicated R2Go team of experts, along with our carefully selected Authorized Partners, will work with you to get your company where you need to be. From discovery, to planning, to hardware acquisition and lifecycle management, to complete network set-up and monitoring, data back-up and recovery, cloud servers and remote desktops, to asset reallocating or disposition and just about everything in between - we are there for you!

We will meet with you for a FREE Discovery consultation to understand your company's needs, listen to your concerns, challenges and ultimate goals, then strategize for a plan that is best suited for your specific needs and provides a total solution. Let us help secure your infrastructure, protect your investment, maintain consistent productivity of your systems and alleviate your technology-related stress, so you can focus on your core business.