Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In todays world, just about every company is faced with everyday threats to their data from human error, hackers, or natural disasters that can have serious consequences for any business. In fact, it is estimated that at least half of all companies will experience a data loss incident each year, and most will suffer a catastrophic loss without a disaster recovery plan in place. Furthermore, if your company suffers a catastrophic failure resulting in the loss of your business-critical information, data backup won’t necessarily solve the problem, or fix it fast enough.

Your business needs a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that fully restores your operations as quickly as possible. Most organizations are first concerned about the downtime due to a disaster. But, once the workloads are stable in the cloud, attention turns to their security and compliance. Our Secure Cloud platform ensures that workloads are safe, secure, and compliant and that you have access to all the reporting on those workloads seamlessly through our Secure Cloud. When disaster strikes, you need the ability and confidence to recover as fast and easily as possible. With our R2Go Secure environments, we integrate disaster recovery management within our Secure Cloud platform, enabling recovery of your workloads plus failover alerting, recovery reporting and more.


Cloud-based disaster recovery has become the standard for companies looking to protect their digital assets. But every cloud is not what it seems. Experience and expterise are key to a secure DR plan.

We Offer Integrated Disaster Recovery through:

  • > Customized (DR) solutions
  • > Secure cloud platforms
  • > Recovery of workloads
  • > Failover alerting
  • > Recovery reporting

With our secure R2Go cloud platform you will get a set of strong advanced security features for a custom disaster recovery solution so your security is never compromised.

We Work Directly With You To:

  • > Identify network configurations
  • > Find the best DR solution for your organization
  • > Ensure security and compliance requirements
  • > Accelerate recovery time
  • > Bring comfort to the solution

why our Disaster Recovery Services are different.

Not only do you need the ability and confidence to recover as fast and as easily as possible, you need a recovery plan that is specific to your business compliance needs. In addition, your company not only needs the best technology solutions available, but also the dedication and support of a a team of experts familiar with your infrastructure. A team of partners who can predict the unpredictable to protect your company's most valuable asset.

Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions for traditional and/or virtual environments offer peace of mind and responsive restoration in the event of a major data loss incident.



what others are saying...

R2Go Solutions saved our company tremendously in an unforseen disaster recovery nightmare! Their technicians were very efficient, professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of our disaster recovery. In addition, the R2Go team offered many immediate and effective solutions for our predicament that enabled our company to be back-up and running in a short period of time. We highly recommend R2Go Solutions and will be using their services indefinitly to continue to move our company forward.

John Doe, CEO, AB Environmental Solutions