Virtual Desktop

With mobility as the new standard for modern business, companies must adapt to the recent demands of a mobile work force. Although the bring-your-own-device movement has many productivity benefits, it can also create major headaches for IT professionals—particularly in updating applications and ensuring data security.

At R2Go, we provide proven solutions to simplify the deployment and management of a secure, virtual desktop environment. With our desktop solutions, your IT staff can now focus on maintaining a single environment instead of multiple individual workstations. In addition, Employees and associates can access company data and applications through the virtual desktop, remotely and securely. Plus our desktop services are always custom tailored to suit your company's specific needs.


Our Virtual Desktop Benefits Include:

  • > Faster onboarding of new users and existing desktop support
  • > Flexibility switching between mobile devices and desktops
  • > Life extension of existing desktop hardware
  • > Dedicated desktop resource, with greater availability than session-based remote desktops
  • > Provides consistent desktop experience
  • > Accessible from any supported device, including Windows-based, iOS, Androids, and iMacs

Advanced Security Desktop Benefits Include:

  • > Security and compliance needs met
  • > Cloud-hosted data;
  • > Desktops are based on an easy-to-maintain pattern
  • > Secure remote access is enabled
  • > Efficient desktop application updates
  • > Efficient desktop application fixes
  • > 24/7 desktop support

why our virtual remote desktop services are different.

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses and providers must find new ways to manage the desktop and mobile device dilemna while also addressing the growing data security concerns. Through deployment and management of the desktop environment, we can set-up and simplify this process for you. Your data and applications can be easily accessed through a virtual environment, allowing management, employees and providers to support, patch,and maintain a single environment rather than numerous individual desktops. With one central environment, your data is more secure while still allowing users the fexibility to choose between working on desktop or mobile devices.



what others are saying...

R2Go Solutions saved our company tremendously in an unforseen disaster recovery nightmare! Their technicians were very efficient, professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of our disaster recovery. In addition, the R2Go team offered many immediate and effective solutions for our predicament that enabled our company to be back-up and running in a short period of time. We highly recommend R2Go Solutions and will be using their services indefinitly to continue to move our company forward.

John Doe, CEO, AB Environmental Solutions